About Spoke N Motion Dance

Spoke N Motion Dance was created to unite the talents of dancers with and without disabilities.


Dance erases the barriers created by disabilities and allows a freedom of the heart and soul.

Our Mission

Spoke N Motion Dance is a unique organization that unites the talents of dancers with and without disabilities in a unique, creative art form called integrated dance. The group is comprised of dancers of all abilities and ages. It includes individuals who are able-bodied, visually and hearing impaired, recovering from traumatic brain injury, and diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease or autism. Some dancers use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. All of us love to dance!


Integrated Dance

Everyone is welcome at Spoke N Motion Dance! Integrated Dance allows people of different abilities to dance together and ensures dance opportunities are available to all.  Movement and dance provide artistic expression and have many physical, social and mental benefits for participants. Integrated Dance is also a powerful tool to overcome stereotypes, for both dancers and our public audiences.



Special thanks to our friends at Littleton Youth Ballet for their partnership and providing rehearsal space.